Scary Advertising

I was home last night watching some TV and of course many of the commercials were promoting pharmaceuticals- some prescribed and some over the counter. A bunch of the OTC advertisements were promoting their products that were telling the consumers that they could help with normal everyday problems...

Just because a problem is common does not make it normal yet these powerful drug companies promote this thinking, and sadly many Americans believe that there everyday back pain, headaches or neck issues is normal. If they hear it enough, they believe this is all true. When a patient comes into my office who's put off #chiropractic care because they believe it's normal and then they finally get treatment for their pain, 90% of my patients start to improve in a timely fashion and they'll say to me, which I have heard 1000's of times these past 30 years, "Boy, I wish I would of come to you years ago."

I am not saying that chiropractic is going to help everyone with issues and pain but the success rate I have seen all of these years is phenomenal. 

So, don't wait any longer- give us a call or email today and we can sit and chat and very likely that a little bit of chiro, a little bit of love and care, you will start to feel better and the qualify of your life will improve drastically. 

Hope everyone is being safe still! 

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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