No More Fear

A few weeks ago I had a 22 year old West Chester University student call up and want to come in because she woke up that morning with really bad neck and upper back pain. We were able to fit her in for a consultation and she told us that she had never been to a Chiropractor before...

When she came in you could feel and see the fear in her body. This body language is something that I have seen many, many times over the years in practice. This fear stems from untruths, images that we see in movies/tv/etc. many times that promote the fear of manipulative therapy, especially when it's performed in the neck area. 

I want to continue to try to dispel this fear because it is totally unwarranted. The safety of chiropractic is indisputable yet too many people out there are dealing with spinal or back issues and have not pursued any chiropractic care due to blind fear. 

I urge you, if you are out there experiencing acute or chronic spinal issues but you have an unjustified fear of chiropractic, to call the office and make an appointment to talk about what chiropractic is all about and can do for you in an attempt to quell the thoughts and fears you might have. ANYTIME NEVER A CHARGE TO SIT DOWN AND TALK.

Please have a safe holiday weekend- be safe, drive carefully.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ray and Staff

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